Stop unwanted thoughts from coming continuously into mind!


  • The mind will always generate various kind of thoughts, mostly based on imagination and future or past situations.
  • Because we are always trapped in these thoughts, a lot of our mental and physical energy gets wasted.
  • This situation is one of the primary cause of lot of stress, lack of self esteem among many other side effects.


  • You can not stop any thought from arising in your mind, but.
  • You can control them.
  • Issue is not the arising of these thoughts, it is that we are not able to control quality and quantity of the thoughts.
  • This very phenomenon of being able to generate thought or thinking in other terms separates us and other animals. (Not IQ as many think.)
  • So the aim should be to be able to govern them.

Solution By Acharya Prashant:

The problem is not that unwanted thoughts keep coming into the mind, the problem arises when you start giving importance to them. Let the unwanted thoughts come in mind, you just remain untouched by them, what I mean to say is that don’t give them much Importance rather give your much Importance to things which are Right.

Those Right Things will take care of unwanted thoughts. Feed The Right Stuff, It Will Take Care Of Rest!!

Hope you will get your answer meanwhile going through the following discourse : -

You are saying that there many unwanted things present in the mind all the time, and they want them to be expressed. So, you are asking, “ What do I do? Should I speak to someone?” I can’t curb them. I can’t just wish them away, and they are always making their presence felt.

Why are you reporting selectively? Why do you also not talk of the immense within you that is trying to get expression? Is it only your pettinesses that want to get expressed? Does the Great inside you not want to get expressed? But you have not written a single word about that.

There is the petty within you that says that I want to dominate your life, that I want to be expressed, that I want to become your breath, your action. And there is the Great within you, which is parallelly saying, “I have a right to be expressed.” Don’t you feel the call of that great? It is impossible.

There is so much within you that is beautiful, that is healthy, and that too wants to lead you, that too wants to take you places, that too wants to make you live an alternate life.

Why don’t you give that a chance? Why don’t you?

It’s a small beautiful story, I often recall it. So, the grandma is telling a story to the kid. And what’s the story, she says “You know what baby, we all have two wolves inside of us and they are always fighting — A black wolf and a white wolf. And they’re growling and fighting and hitting each other and trying to overpower. They hate each other’s guts.”

And she keeps on describing how they are engaged with each other in the fight. The kid interrupts and says “But granny which of these wins? The white wolf is fighting the black wolf continuously within us, which of these wins?” And grandma smiles and says, “The one you feed.”

“If you are talking of pettiness, you are not okay with the pettiness, you want something to change. Now, let your intention translate into action.”

Let the pettiness remain. It has a right to. The same pettiness will be turned beautiful by the sanctifying touch of the right one.

That is why Kabir talks a thousand times of the Paras stone

(Alchemist’s stone). It’s a mythical stone. He does not talk of rejecting all that which is merely iron, scrap. He says touch all the iron scrap with the Paras stone, it will turn into gold. All that which is petty in your life will turn into decoration, celebration, beautiful artistry. Just feed the right wolf.

One day you will be proud of this pettiness. Zeros, aren’t they petty? Can there be anything pettier than a zero? But the zero assumes great value when accompanied by the one at the right place. Take a series of zeros and just put a one at the head. And now you will know how the zero is lit up, get blessed with value. Just touch them with the right one. Feed the right rules. You know which one and how.

hen you focus on problems you will have more problems. When you focus on possibilities you’ll have more opportunities.”

Nothing great ever came that easy.!!